Island Demo, Inc. is a full service demolition and hazardous materials abatement company that offers a diverse array of turn-key demolition capabilities to suit any project.  We have proudly and diligently provided demolition/environmental services in Hawaii for over 15 years.  Established in 1988, Island Demo has maintained steady business growth during this era of declining construction.  In 2002, the annual revenue of the firm was over $5 million in total revenue, with over 50 full time employees base out of our main office in Mapunapuna, only 10 minutes from downtown Honolulu. 

It is our belief that no other like or comparable firm in Hawaii can match our ability or diverseness in the field of demolition, or to properly abate, store, manage, and dispose of hazardous materials associate with demolition and site clearing operations, including AST/UST (above ground storage tank/underground storage tank) decommissioning and soil remediation, especially when you consider all of the aforementioned services can be handled completely in-house. 

Additionally, we employ fully qualified teams to handle all scaffolding and shoring needs to accomplish interior demolition and abatement requirements for the task at hand.  Our licensed inner-city transfer station is the only one of its kind in Hawaii offering numerous advantages over our competition.  To support our operations and the tailored needs of our clients, we maintain a fleet of roll-off, end-dump/low boy, and flat-bed trucks, to include professional bin services to contractors requiring relatively minor material load-out needs.  Our work force consists of permanent employees whose medical, training and safety records are maintained by the company in compliance with federal, state and local OSHA/DOT requirements.

Island Demo, Inc. is a unique company with the proven ability to successfully satisfy our clients' needs by providing custom-tailored services.  We consistently enjoy repeat business from our key clients, comprised of major contractors from the Hawaii-based construction industry.  Our facilities and wide array of international assets allow us to work with our customers to design projects so as to satisfy all requirements in a one-stop-shop.  This results in lower net costs by deleting additional mark-ups that translate into savings for our customers.  In this day of increased competition we pride ourselves on engineering the tasks in accordance with regulations, while performing better, faster and more economically than our competitors in the same functional areas.


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