Specializing in all facets of demolition and site clearing operations, Island Demo utilizes specialized equipment and techniques  to accomplish whatever the demolition requirements  of the project call for. The task at hand may be the removal of selective items for a minor retrofit, or the gut-out of entire floors of multi-level structures to leave spaces trade-ready for a major renovation. 

Be assured, Island Demo will engineer the safest and most cost effective solution to the demolition portion of your contract.  If the project requires the complete removal of the structure, whether it be a single family domicile or an entire building complex, Island Demo will leave the site ready for the general contractor to begin new construction from the ground up, recycling and salvaging all reusable materials on or off site.

Our capabilities and philosophy with regards to recycling and salvage were showcased on a prior project which called for the demolition of seven significant structures, totaling more than 210,000 square feet, to make way for the Victoria Ward Center.  On this project, more than 745 tons of demolition debris was diverted from a rapidly filling landfill.  Recyclable waste streams included all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, clean concrete for use as base course aggregates and general fill, and selected architectural appurtenances reused on various renovation and construction projects throughout the Hawaiian Islands and even as far away as the Island of Tonga.  As Island Demo's owner is aptly quoted:  "Trash is made by choice; a decision made by ignoring the potential value of an object and simply burying it".

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Hazardous materials abatement is an integral part of just about any demolition operation.  Still, most demolition firms and/or general contractors subcontract the entire scope of this specialized work out to lower-tier subs, because it entails advanced technical skills, techniques, and certifications, to say nothing of the added insurance and bonding requirements.

Early in 1995 Island Demo recognized the need for a total service demolition company that would integrate rather than separate the operations that go hand in hand, and thus added a hazardous materials abatement division to the already long list of services offered to our clients.

The Haz-Mat Division provides a full range of abatement (ie. asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs, mercury-containing light bulbs, and more).  The same quality standards and infrastructure that made Island Demo a premier demolition firm are applied likewise to our abatement services.

Clients can contract for hazardous materials abatement services as part of a full demolition package, or as a separate service.  Because hazardous materials assessments/surveys are not always 100% accurate, and usually specifically exclude areas not accessible during compilation of said assessments, it is not uncommon for hidden hazardous materials to bring a demolition project to a halt.  To avoid this problem cost-effectively and relatively seamlessly, Island Demo can use cross-trained abatement and demolition employees to abate the materials as they are discovered, and continue on with the project without a significant impact to the schedule, which is most cases does not allow for much flexibility.

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 bin service

Roll off container trucks can pick up debris from job site. The container can be left at a contractor's job site for self filling, or if there is not enough space for a bin, small rolling bins can be placed. When the small bins are full, the container truck comes to empty them. This service is available on a daily and recurring basis.


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